Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Walking Prayer List

One of the many memories I have of my Mom was her devotion to praying for everyone in the family.  She had a picture “prayer book” and would religiously spend at least 30 minutes going through every page specifically praying for each family member, close friend  and our government leadership – even though she may not have voted for those in office.  (She had a very strong belief that the Lord could change hearts.)
Continuing her Legacy
When my Mom passed away in 2007 I decided to continue her legacy of praying for our family members and started collecting pictures of all family members and close friends.  Each day I would take time to flip through the prayer book and pray for that person or family by name and always knew of a specific need or prayer request.  It was amazing how many praise reports I would get over time as I prayed for each individual and family by name on a daily basis.  It was also a nice feeling to take the focus off of me and put it on others.  Now, I realize why my Mom always had that certain peace about her and even in her last days of battling pancreatic cancer she would ask, “How can I pray for you today??”  Wow – now that is a GODLY women.
Kicked it up a NOTCH
I have kicked up my “prayer list” technique a notch by combining it with exercise.  Five days a week I will take at least a 30 minute walk by myself and pray for each family member and many of our friends.  I have shared with friends what I do each day and they ask if I can add them to the list.  I am to the point now where it takes at least 30 minutes to cover everyone.  What a peaceful time for me to refresh my own spirit in the Colorado great outdoors.  (Even have walked outside with temperatures below zero)
Let me challenge you to give this a try – not only will you have many prayer requests answered but you will appreciate what you have so much more and get some exercise at the same time – we can always lose a few pounds…..  I guarantee in YOUR last days you will be able to say, “I have NO regrets.”

“My “Prayer List” order
1.        Give thanks for my job and where I live
2.      Grandma Cross – 106 yr. old granny and Oldest Laker fan….
3.       Lou – 90 year old step father who was a great husband to my  Mom         in her last years.
4.      Robin – wife of 37 years
5.       Chris (son) and girlfriend, Meghan
6.       Cori (daughter) and husband, Ben
7.       Brother Mike and entire family (3 adult children and 8 grandkids)
8.       Brother Jimmy and family
9.       Sister Molly
10.   Robin’s sister, Debbie and family
11.     Robin’s brother, Mike and family
12.  Friends and Relatives

I always finish with, “Father, I want YOUR will for my life - not mine.”
You fill in the names and start a “Living Legacy” for your family and friends.
Please leave your prayer request as a comment below and Robin and I will add you to our list (I may even have to extend my daily walk to 60 minutes)


  1. Brian & MariaJune 10, 2011 at 7:31 PM


    I'm just getting around to reading this post per your email back on Mother's Day. Great reminder of the importance of prayer.

    Wow. Life has been flying by crazy fast!

    We're getting settled in . . . selling my old furniture on Craig's List, figuring out how to better organize closet space, and even getting around to sending out thank you notes for shower and wedding gifts (slowly).

    We still want to get together with you guys. We have one more "repeating of the vows" to enjoy (this time in Oklahoma), then we'll REALLY have this wedding/marriage thing down! :-)

    Looking forward to grilling some steaks at the Ehrlich's or our place! We'll connect with you all, soon!

    Brian (& Maria)